the loved and loathed space of the road

The photographs from the two series The Loved and Loathed Space of the Road and End of an Era were taken during a studio residency with Tina Barahanos and Rosalind Stanley at Blacktown Arts Centre. The two series merged here in the diptychs below, but garnered individual offerings of the shared experiences of ubiquitous road spaces.

"Roads are an integral part of suburban life, not only in Western Sydney, but all over the world. They divide and connect us; from home to work and back, down to the shops, off to school, and so on... Yet they are the kind of spaces so seamlessly integrated in our lives that we scarcely give them more than a cursory glance, let alone, a protracted and considered observational study. The Loved and Loathed Space of the Road project set out to observe and reflect on roadway environments from our lived experiences of them." [1]

These personal occurrences were evident everywhere: peak hour on the way home, view from the front porch, in the passenger seat on a road trip, when very tired....